Seven Health Problem and Seven Remedies - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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Today, astro uncle talks about the seven main problem that found with health of people, mood swings, angrines, hysteria, Memory power, Stress, Jaundice, and toothache problem. janiye saat bimariya saat upay pawan sinha astro uncle se.
Seven Health Problem and Seven Remedies - Astro Uncle ke Upay

The combination of Moon and Mars considered as beneficial. However if there is bad effect of Saturn and Ketu on that person have fear. Person’s feeling does not have control. This problem can be more seen in women. If feelings and emotions are uncontrollable then person cannot remain normal. They are affected by others. The expression of their feelings is not normal. Person who has habit of thinking they have more doubts in their relationship. Those who have tension regarding their future they may have mental disorder.

Those who controls their feelings and they have control over their children they might have hysteria problem. They might have feet problem. They can do anything to get attention.

You can eat almond oil. You can drink it with milk at night or you can massage it in head. You can give pressure on your thumb and massage it. Do not have constipation. Avoid lentil and non-veg food. You should avoid black and yellow clothes. You can walk on grass. You should breathe in open air. Those who have emotional unbalance, you should love them. Do not give pressure them thinking they have soul problem.

People who have craziness, angriness they should wear root of Ashwganda in silver chain. You can also keep seeds of whit under the head while sleeping. Do not have dinner before sleep. There should be minimum 2 hours gap between the dinner and sleep. You should wash your legs before sleeping. You can do “Om” before sleeping. It gives strength to our mind.

Memory power affects due to movement of planets. If it stays for long time then it creates problem. You should decrease your stress. You should breathing exercise. Do not work till late night. Do not take 2-3 types of work at a time. Do not work constantly. You should use diary. You should use Brahami. You can wear root of Vach in neck. You can listen music. You can also wear silver ring in thumb.

Physical ability depends on Mars and Venus. If Mars and Venus are weak then there would be problem in birth of child. You should satisfy the requirement of chemicals in body. You should use white onion. You should wear necklace of sphatik. Take moonga and mustard oil and keep it for 11 days in Sunlight in red bottle. You can drink milk adding honey. You can also take Churna of Ashwganda, Mishri with milk.

Stress gives the imbalance of hormone. If women’s Moon and Mars is weak then it affects their menstrual. Due to this their mind and body remains unfit. You can also wear Moonga and pearl in copper. They weight should be equal. You should control on your stress. Do not feel yourself pressurized. Do not take too much pressure of work. Manage your daily routine. If your menstrual is untimely then you can massage root of Kalahari on your head. You can eat Suhaga and saffron. You can also drink cow milk adding saffron. If menstrual comes more then you can boil coriander and once it is cold you can drink it. You can also eat mulhati.
Seven Health Problem and Seven Remedies - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Stress increase due to industrialization. Insomnia increase due to problem in home. It also occurs due to physical problem. Insomnia also creates blood pressure, heart problem and depression. You should do physical work. Insomnia occurs due to the imbalance of Sun and Moon. You can do Anuloam Vilom. You should take your dinner before 2 hours of sleep. You should drink water after 1 hour. Do not take heavy food at night. You can also wear necklace of white sandal. You can also wear real pearl’s necklace. You should control on anxiety and gas. You should do massage with mustard oil on your head and palms. You can also itch your head by your shoulder. You can eat piplamool adding jaggery. You should eat seeds of watermelon with poppy with water. You can take Shankpushpi with fresh water. You should do meditation.

If someone’s fifth place and Jupiter is weak then they might have Jaundice. Do not eat too much at a time. You should take light food in dinner. You should eat Molino. It gives strength to the liver. You should eat less ghee and spices. You should drink more water. Do not use more butter and cream. Do not drink alcohol. Do not wear gold, Pokhraj. You should wear silver. You can use copper. You can also use Aloe Vera. You can drink butter milk. You can use seeds juice as drops in nose. Person can also eat leaf of Mooli adding sugar. You can also wear root of punarwa in white string. You can massage with mustard oil on stomach. Tie up Giloy in neck. Also you can drink Harade adding bitter gourd juice. You can also drink honey adding Giloy.

Person who have problem of cough they have toothache problem. Person who have pyorrhea then they should eat walnut. You can also take orange to brush your teeth. Whenever you feel toothache you can use cardamom oil. You can also use the root of Bargad. You should use 5 piece of Tulsi and 5 piece of cardamom which can be put on the teeth. If you have toothache problem at the early age you should check your blood pressure and sugar level. You can also use calcium.

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