Remedies for Danduff Problem - Astro upay

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Everyone does not have dandruff problem even if they have dry skin. If children have more anger and laziness, their shoes are not clean then they have dandruff problem.dandruff ki samsya ka astro upay astro uncle se.
dandruff problem
Children’s skin becomes drier. They do not interact with others. Children cannot concentrate on their study. They do not have control on their speech then they have dandruff problem. This all have cause due to Rahu.

If Rahu is weak then it affects in first, second, seventh, eighth and twelfth place then children have dandruff problems.

If dandruff problem occurs due to Rahu then you will face financial problem. Children’s concentration power becomes weak. They quarrel more. They also face short term memory loss.

Due to Rahu family persons do not concentrate on house or other work. Rahu is the main reason for the dry skin. Due to this skin would be peel off.

You should clean the house when you have Rahu problem. Do not retain lizard in the home. If there are more mice in the home then it shows that there is more tension and quarrel.
Remedies for Danduff Problem - Astro upay

Try to avoid mice, lizard and spider in the home. They should be retaining on some infertile place.

You should light goggle and Kapoor after sunset. You should light at evening. Dandruff problems occur due to acidity in stomach. These acidity problems occur due to Rahu.

You should drink more water. When skink becomes drier then you can mix coconut with Kapoor and massage on your body. You should take bath after half an hour.

When you have problem of dandruff then you can massage with coconut oil in your hair. Dandruff problem becomes less by using lemon and sugar in your hair. You can also use this on your head.

Rahu affects intestines and liver and so that the level of protein decrease in the body. When protein decrease then pimples, hair fall and inch problems occur.

You can also flow coal in the water. By doing this your concentration level increase and dandruff problems also be solved.

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