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Many children and elders face breathing problem which is big problem, so here is the reason and remedies of breathing problem provided by astro uncle. Agar aapko saans lene main taklif ho rahi hai (asthama) to janiye astro uncle ke upay.

Remedies for Breathe Problem - Astro Uncle

Remedies for Breathe Problem - Astro Uncle
Children face breathing problem when he runs more, talks more. Whenever Moon affects by Saturn and Rahu a person will face breathing problem.

If third place of birth chart is affected by Saturn, Mars, Moon and Rahu then person have breathing problem. Breathe problems occurs in two ways.

Pollution is the main reason for breathing problem in children. Heart problem occurs due to breathe. Breathing problem also occurs due to stress. Anxiety and uneasiness also cause of the breathing problem.

Sometimes due to heavy work load a person also has breathing problems. Person whose zodiacs sign are Mercury, Venus and Moon them have breathing problem.

Person whose zodiac signs are Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Sagittarius, Libra and Pieces have occasionally breathing problem. Breathing problem also comes in heredity. Meditation is the best remedy for weak moon.

Whenever you feel breathe problem you can do meditation for one minute which removes the breathing problem. Whenever you feel more stress you should drink more water and do meditation. If the breathing problem increases then you can seat in a peace place and do mediation.

You can also blow windpipe so that your breathing problem can be solved. You can give some work to children in which they have to blow the air.

Concentration level decreases when breathing problems occurs. It can be removed by blowing the air. Mustard seeds and honey also helps to remove breathing problem. You can take 6 gm mustard seeds and 6 gm honey.

Persons who has more breathing problem they can keep peacock feather in a way that it can touch to your body. You should avoid cold drinks, cold food.

You can eat one teaspoon mixture of bass juice, ginger and honey in the morning. It also removes asthma problem. Do not drink water immediately after doing physical work. It increases the tendency of breathing problem.

You can also keep quiet, do concentration and self contemplation which helps to remove breathing problem.

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