Important Things for Good Marriage - Astro Upay from Astro Uncle

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There are certain things you need to remember when you or your parents going for marriage of boy or girl. Do read the below things that you need to check before going for the marriage. Janiye astro uncle se subh vivah ke upay.

Important Things for Good Marriage - Astro Upay from Astro Uncle

Important Things for Good Marriage - Astro Upay from Astro Uncle

A person’s first, second, fifth, seventh, eighth and twelfth place is weak then there will be a problem in marriage life. If women’s Moon, Jupiter and Mars are angry then there will be delay in marriage. These angry planets also disturb the marriage life.

Husband and wife cannot harmonize due to weak Moon. Their nature cannot mix up with each other. They cannot communicate with each other easily. Even they cannot give moral support to each other.

Due to weak Mars, there will be delay in marriage. It affects body and blood. It also affects the health. It will also create problem in pregnancy.

If the Moon is not match then their thoughts cannot mix up with each other. Due to lack of moral support person goes on a wrong way.
There are 8 characters which should be match before marriage. They are Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Rashis, Gann, Bhakut and Nadi. The sum of all these eight characters is 36.

The connection of Kundali is necessary before the marriage. The relation between husband and wife and mother and children are very important. In these relations there is a connection of energy. Mother’s life impact on children. Also husband and wife’s relation impacts on each other.

Some person’s life becomes better after their marriage. However, some people have adverse effect of marriage. They face financial, social, problems. Also their prestige would be less.

In connection of Mother and children, mother can controls the child’s life.

Varna: It shows that whether male and female support their profession or not. If there is no connection in this then they have to face problems in their marriage life.

Vashya: It shows adjustment between men and women. It also shows whether any one of them dominate each other or not. If somebody’s Moon part is downward and Mars part is upward then they cannot adjust with each other.

Tara: It shows whether the male or female increase the good luck of each other or not.

Yoni: In this, it is advisable to match whether the men and women will physically satisfied with each other or not. If it is not match then it creates problem in marriage life and husband and wife cannot understand and do not get energy from each other. If there is negative side then a person should not go for a marriage. And if they ready for a marriage then their Jupiter should be strong. Also it is controlled by Venus and Moon. If person have Jupiter and Venus is strong then it helps to adjust with each other.

Rashis: It represents the friendship between each other. Those birth charts which have connection their thoughts also match with each other. They can adjust with each other. It is necessary to have quality of adjustment. If the main planets are opposite then it creates problems. If there is no match between Rashi then they always have problem. This character has total of 5 out of which it is necessary to have 3 marks.

Gann: There are 3 types of nature. 1) Dev 2) Manushya and 3) Rakshash. It is necessary to match this 3 character for marriage. It shows the nature of husband and wife. Dev Gann depicts happiness. It serves social responsibility. Person who has Rakshash Gann they get angry easily. They like in negativity. They quarreled easily when they feel insecurity. Their heart always feel fluster. They are impatience. People who have Manushya Gann they can adjust in any situation. They are practical with their life.

Bhakut: It shows the thoughts between each other. If Bhakut is not match then their thoughts are different. They cannot respect each other if it not matches. Their level of mentality is also different. Marriage becomes unsuccessful if there is Bhakut dosh. If it is not separated then they have problems. Person whose Jupiter is good they can adjust easily.

Nadi: People afraid with Nadi dosh. There are Adi, Madhya and Ant. Due to Nadi dosh people face problem in pregnancy. It shows disease. RH factor is the responsible for the Nadi dosh. Some people match their Kundali on computers. Nadi dosh occurs when boy and girl’s Moon is on the same place and at same constellation. People say that Nadi dosh does not have in Brahmin’s. Nadi dosh shows that a child has mental disorder.

Do not go for a marriage only matching Patra. Only Moon can be match in Patra. It is advisable to match all the Gann. The match making does not mean it removes every dosh. The match making compares their thoughts. If there is a dosh in Kundali you should not afraid by it. You should do some measure for it.

You can do marriage on proper time so that many dosh can be removed. If there is Run dosh and marriage occurs in proper time then also it get success. If there is a delay in marriage then do not get depressed.

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