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Children think in a negative way when Saturn and Moon have negative combination in birth chart. Person cannot remain happy when there is a negative combination of Saturn and Moon. They cannot think about what they achieve but they would think about such things which they were unable to achieve and remain unhappy.

Negative thinking means there is a strong combination of Saturn and Moon. Due to this person will have to face major disorders in future.

When there is a combination of Saturn and Moon happens then child gets negativity and when they wake up in the morning they does not remain happy. This type of children does not have freshness. They do not remain happy and they do not have energy.

Children who have negative thinking they start crying after wake up in the morning. They start their daily schedule after crying. Also they cry many times in a day without any reason.

Their every talk starts with “No”. Children with negative thinking they cannot interact easily with others. When they grow up they like to seat alone even if the atmosphere is happy. They start their life to live in adverse situation.

Whenever parents see this type of changes in their children they should start taking such action against this. Person who has negative thinking their mind and memory power become weak. They start criticize others and do not mix up easily with others.

When person thinks negatively they cannot sleep well. Also they have pain below the waist. RA factor and Uric Acid increases in this type of person. Such person also face liver, throat and breathe problems.

Person who has negative thinking their Mountain of Moon is downward. Their mind line fall rapidly towards Moon Mountain. Such persons Saturn and Mercury finger is slightly bend. Also, their luck line stops in front of the Mountain of Saturn. Such lines come from Moon and Luck line and meet each other then person have negative thinking.

Children should see sun. It removes negative thinking. They should avoid late sleeping habit. They have to wake up in the morning before half an hour of sunrise. Parents should do this activity by loving them.

They can eat soft and Mishri 3-4 times in a day. They can also drink water in a silver glass. You can also give Ashwganda at night. They can also donate oil and lentil on Saturday. They can also do Kirtan by clapping.

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