How to Overcome Weakness? - Astro Upay for Every Zodiac Sign

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How to overcome your weaknesses? here is guide for all the people, by zodiac sign, that you need to know. Read the astro upay to overcome your weakness (rashi anusar apni kami dur karne ke upay, astro uncle se).

How to Overcome Weakness? - Astro Upay for Every Zodiac Sign

Aries: Children who has Aries zodiac sign they might have problem of patience. They have problem till May 2010. Also due to Jupiter even though they work hard they do not get the desire result. Do not loss patience. You should learn how to remain satisfy in inverse situation. You should try to have patience all the year.

Taurus: Children having Taurus zodiac sign they might have mood swing problem. They cannot concentrate. You have to make note of your goals and stick them to the wall. Also you have to make efforts to achieve those goals. You should take oath to control on your mood.

Gemini: People who has Gemini zodiac sign they should not become impatience. They should control on their speech. In this year you might have to face unnecessary problems. Do not criticize others. You should think before what you speak.

Cancer: For this sign of people, their half year might have problems due to angriness by Mars. You might have problem of depression due to Gochar of Mercury and Venus. You should try to keep yourself balance in every situation. You can leave with your parents, idol or a person who is balanced in nature.

Leo: For this sign of people, this year is good. They might have health problem. They should do food control. You should use less corn flour in eating.

Virgo: People who have Virgo sign, their thoughts may have purity. You should try to remove the weakness you have. You should do such measure for good luck.

Libra: You should take oath to get prestige. You should do such work like Art, Parade and Study in a good way so that you can get good numbers in that. This year give you position and prestige. You should do hard work.

Scorpio: You should take care of your stomach and head. You should eat in order. You should drink more water. Also you should do yoga so that you do not have stomach problem.

Sagittarius: You should remain calm in every situation. Your anger may increase. Do not lose concentration in adverse situation. You should concentrate on your study.

Capricorn: You will get help from good friends and family. You should make good friends and do not involve in others matters. Try to remain happy in every situation. You may take help from your friends and family.

Aquarius: Do not take decision in hurry. It may create problem. Even if having good knowledge you cannot study well. You should avoid ego and self-respect to get good knowledge. You should read newspaper for one hour every day. Prepare yourself always ready to learn new things.

Pisces: You should be cautious for friends, prestige and self-respect. Do not give problem to others due to mood and speech. Try to control your emotions so that they cannot overcome to you. You should try to remain socialize.

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