How to Control Diabetes - Astro Upay - Reason and Remedies

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Lots of people are suffering from diabetes nowadays, and the reason, here astro tips and reasons for having diabetes. Learn who to control diabetes from home remedies.

How to Control Diabetes - Astro Upay - Reason and Remedies

How to Control Diabetes - Astro Upay - Reason and Remedies
Diabetes cannot occur with the small children. Sugar creates many problems. People should take protein, calcium, carbohydrates and milk in a proper way.

We can get energy from the different sources. When person have already have a proper extent of minerals in their body however they intake such things then it will create problem for them.

Intake of protein is good however having more protein creates problem. Drinking water is good but if you drink more water then it affects your kidney.

When children get angry they should intake less sugar because it increases the angryness. If child’s concentration level decreases and he loves to eat sweets and chocolates then they should avoid sweets and chocolates to increase the concentration level.

Memory power decreases when fat level increase. To increase the memory power child should eat less sugar. Person whose Moon is good they should eat less sweets. Also people whose Venus is strong they should avoid sugar.

Such women who intakes more medicines or feel more stress during pregnancy those children should also eat less sugar.

People should take sugar in a proper amount so that it will not create problem for them. However if you have more mental and less physical work then you should eat less sugar.

How to Control Diabetes - Astro Upay - Reason and Remedies
If Venus, Moon and Jupiter are strong or Jupiter is weak then you should intake less sugar. Due to diabetes person’s may loss their memory power. Their concentration level decrease and anger will increase.

If there is a Venus, Moon and Jupiter are in first, second, fourth, fifth and seventh place then person should eat less sugar during their childhood. Children whose Moon, Jupiter and Venus are strong and they like to more sugar, you can replace their needs by fruits.

Children can also eat Papaya. They cal also eat berries when it season arrives. You can also use core of berries and drain them and give them to children to eat once in a week.

Children can also bitter gourd.

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