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People cannot get promotion due to fewer efforts. Also they feel nervousness and have less experience. They have lack of concentration. They have lack of self-confidence. Some people do not win others trust. They are stubborn in nature. Some people are very lazy. They might become victim of politics. Some people do not have proper work environment. They do not have good friends. They cannot take correct decisions. These are the same reasons which affect the job.

If the main planet is weak then there is lack of concentration. There is lack of self-confidence. Such people do not have logic and analytical power. They cannot discuss their thoughts. They cannot make friends who are senior of them. They underestimate themselves. They do not think properly. They cannot work for long hours. They have less energy power. Person whose tenth place is weak they do not like promotion. When the luck place is weak then also person do not get promotion. Weak Moon also affects the job. Due to this nervousness increase. Person becomes depressed. It increases the logic without reason and anger. Due to weak Moon patience will decrease. Person cannot work in a team. Person becomes weak in public dealing. It also decreases the record keeping.

Check your Luck from Hand - Learn Astrology with Astro Uncle
If main planet and Moon is weak then even if person has good wealth then it does not work. However if both are strong then ordinary person will make progress. If there is no hole of Rahu then you can progress more in job. It gives more benefits in less effort. If Jupiter line is in hand then person definitely make progress even if in adverse conditions. However he should not have ego and have spiritual. If you have Jupiter line in hand then you should serve elders, cow and vegetation.

If you have Sun line A in your hand then the work you do is different and also you get success in it. You definitely will get prestige. However if you have Sun line B then you will do many works at a same time but you do not get success. You cannot concentrate on study, job and business. If you have two small Sun lines then also you will get good job. If there are points on fingers then your mind would divert from your job. Person’s who have Moon line 1 then they can do traveling work. Person who have hole in their palm and also have weak Jupiter and Moon then they also have to remain careful. Person who do not have stable mind they face problem in their progress however they can find their right way at the age of 22. If your luck line is strong then you can settle in your job at the age of 25. If there is Moon line 3 then you can reach to the good position also the position of life partner would be good. Even if their main planet is weak but they have good support of mother then they can definitely make progress.

If there is a development in Mountain of Moon then you should do that type of job in which you should have to use your mind and have creativity. Person would have emotions and cooperative, and they should not worry about politics. They should be aware. You should not be rude. If such lines come near to life line then you can get support from your family members in a job. However these lines come from outside then you can get support from other then family members. If these line stops at point 1 then you can get success at the age of 18. If your luck line is strong and it stops around mind line then you can get success at the age of 36. Also if you luck line is strong and it stops around heart line then you can get success after the age of 42. If luck line break then you may lose the job. If it becomes dark then you may have to face problem in your job. If luck line has island then you may have to face serious problems. If luck line is upward then you can get success by doing hard work.

If person’s palm is broad then he becomes businessman. You hand should be chubby but it should not be yellow. Person who has long and thin finger then they become businessman. If there is a gap between mind line and life line then they become good businessman and they can make good progress. If person have long thumb, nails are also broad then they also become good businessman.

To become a good businessman you should have energy or physical fitness. You should have intuition power. You should have capability of taking correct decisions. Also you should have good speech. You should have patience. One should have capability of taking risk and boldness. They should have goals. Also they should have power of invention. You should have strength to work for long time.

If fingers are thin and pointed, nails are small. The upper portion of thumb is small and mind line goes to the end of Moon Mountain then you may have to face problem. Also if mind line is too small and heart line and mind line meets together then you will get success in business after hard work.

You can worship your deity. Also you should behave in proper way. If there is point 1 then you can do business at the age of 22. If there is point 2 then you can do business at the age of 28 and if there is point 3 then you can do business at the age of 32. If your luck line have strength from the downward then you can definitely get success.

If there are black lines in hand then you can do business individually and if there are red lines then you can do business in partnership. If life line and luck line goes similar then you can do business with family. If the red line is clear then your partnership would be good. Weak lines create problem in partnerships. If such line is broad similarly to the luck line then there is a similar situation of you and your partner. If partnership line is weak and small then your partner would be weak and your partnership also suffers. However if partnership line is more clear than luck line then your partner have control over to you. If the conditions are similar to line 1 then you can do other work without leaving your main work. If the conditions is similar to line 2 then you can earn money without disturbing your main work however you have to do hard work. Also if there is similar condition regarding line 2 then your partner situation is also similar to you.

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