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Vivah does not mean marriage or engagement ceremony. According to astrology, Marriage has emotionally and physically attachment. Some people marriage happens at the age of 18-24, 25-32, and 33-40. It also happens that some people cannot get married. Lets know more about the marriage age, love line from Astro Uncle.

Check your Age of Marriage - Love Line and Happy Marriage - Astro Uncle

In male’s, if the seventh place and Venus is good then they get married between 24-28 age. If women’s seventh place and Jupiter is good then they get married between 22-26 ages. If Mars, Rahu and Saturn affects seventh and eighth place and Venus or Jupiter then person cannot get married until the age of 28. In this situation one should not get married as if they get married they do not get happiness till the age of 28.

The marriage line also called as love line. These lines are at Mountain of Moon. They come outside towards heart line. If these lines are clearer then it would be more beneficial. If they are near to Mountain of Moon then also it gives more benefit. These lines give perfect marriage life. They have lots of love. These lines should not be more than 2. However there might be so many unclear lines. There is no meaning of these lines. However it shows less love in marriage life. Due to unclear line there should be delay in marriage. It gives stress in marriage life. If more than 2 lines are there then it shows separation or problems in marriage life.

If there are B lines then person get too many proposals for marriage however they cannot get married. Also if A and C lines are there along with B line then even if having too many proposals they can get married. These types of girls should do Kumbh Marriage. If these lines are in males then they should do “Om Ke Ketwayh Namah”. Also they should serve the dogs. Male and female should not take this proposal seriously. Boys should not do flirting as it affects their marriage life.

In male, if such line’s length 1 inch between heart line and finger of Mercury and in female if it is 2.2 cm then they get married between the ages of 18-50. If this line is nearer to Mercury then person get married early. It shows the deep love. It shows the different phase of the marriage life such as 18-24, 28-32 and above the age of 40. If Mountain of Mars and Venus is downward then there should be delay in marriage. However if Mountain of Venus is upward then also marriage delays. If Mars is weak then person get married between 18-24, Jupiter is weak the male get married after the age of 35 and women get married after the age of 32. If Venus affects then person get married between 30-36 ages.

If marriage line moves towards heart line then husband and wife should work hard to live together. They should keep patience. If such lines go downward to heart line then there would be difficulty in love marriage. Also there would be difference in emotions. If few lines which goes downward on heart line then husband and wife should keep patience and understanding during the 3-4 years of marriage. If they do not so then there might be problems. In this case you should match Bhakut and Yoni properly. If one should not match this then it will create problems. If such line cuts the heart line and it stops to marriage line then you should keep patience. Your partner does not give you morally or emotionally support. If there are few lines are above the marriage line then they get late happiness in marriage life. Also they do not get love marriage. Person who has this type of line they have problems for 2 years in their starting marriage life. The problems might be due to their partners or form parental home.

You should keep patience. You should not be too much possessive and sentimental. It creates problems. You should clean your home. You should avoid love marriage. Girls before 26 and boys before 28 years do not get happiness in marriage life. You should not expect. Girls should do “Om Ka Kri Kro Sah Bhimay Namah”. If boys have this type of hand then he can do Durga Saptashis Argals Strot’s slok number 24 with patience. They have to do this at least 21 times to get emotions and humanity. The mantra is “Patni Manorama Dehi Manovrutanusarinim Tarini Turg Sansarsagarasya Kulowam”.

If marriage delays due to palm or Kundali then do not get hurry. Do not get worry. You should worship your deity. Those who have yoga of marriage they should take care of this. At this time you should avoid yourself to get emotionally or physically attached to someone. Husband and wife should prepare their mind to handle the situation. You can do “Rudrabhisek or Satchandi Path” on marriage anniversary. Also they can do “Om Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichaye Va Durge Durge Rukshani Swaha” Yagna of 108 times. You should also serve the girls who are below the age of 8.

If there are such lines then you can give strength to yourself by doing meditation. You should wear necklace of sphatik and Rudraksh. You cannot get emotional support.

If such lines are there then you should search that type of partner who travels more. You should always do tilak of white sandal and saffron on forehead. This tilak should remain at least 3-4 hours. You should do keep away yourself from emotions. You should serve cow and birds. You should try to give birth to child and engage them.

If such lines are there then you should not do love marriage. This type of people should donate food on Fridays.

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