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St. Valentine starts to celebrate the Valentine day. You can celebrate this festival with your parents, teachers and beloved ones.
Valentine day - Astro Uncle
It is wrong to have such things before the perfect age. It cannot give benefits. When Venus makes combination with Moon then person wants love. This combination generates Oxytocin hormone from person’s body. If love is from this combination then it gives attractions to someone’s personality.

There would be glow on your face and gives fascination to eyes. Whenever Moon-Venus affects from Mars, Rahu and Saturn then children attracts towards love at the early age of life.

Due to come out of hormone at the early age children get changes. It is rarely happens that the combination of Venus and Moon converts love into marriage. Love becomes crush. A person gets nervousness and aggression. Due to nervousness and aggression person lost their personality. Good thoughts cannot come into mind. Also there might be problems relating to skin occurs.

One cannot concentrate on their goals due to aggression. They get tendency of revenge. A person use shortcuts to reach their goals.

If there is adverse effect of Mars, Saturn or Rahu on Moon and Venus then it creates problems in children’s life. You can take support of Hath Yoga. You can eat soft and jaggery. By having soft or soft water the emotions of love decreases in mind.

You can also wear Sarpokha’s wood in white string. You have to drink more water and do yoga. You can take vicinity of good friends and idols.

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