Remedies for Stomach Problem - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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Due to stomach problem people cannot concentrate on their work. They cannot eat outside or in a party. There might be skin disease occurs duet to stomach problems.

Remedies for Stomach Problem - Astro Uncle ke Upay

It is vital to keep stomach healthy so that diseases such as gas, acidity, and headache cannot occur.

If Sun is weak then a person has burning in stomach. If child have weak Mars then he might be suffer from blood circulation.

Due to weak Mercury and Jupiter child have intestines and liver problem. Also due to weak Mars a person has problem below the navel.

Urine problems occur due to weak Jupiter. If the navel portion is hard then child have urine and gas problems.

If the Jupiter finger is big from downside and thin from upper side also it is triangle then those types of children have liver problems.

If there is a curve on child’s Jupiter finger then you should take care of their food habits. Also if there are lines on Mountain of Mars then parents should take care of their children’s food habits.

If the Mars part is broad then children should have do exercise. Due to lack of exercise obesity and cholesterol increases.

If Mercury and Jupiter are weak, it is in first, fifth and sixth place in birth chart. If below part of Jupiter finger is big. Also the health line goes upward in palms then children should have constipation problems.

If health line and Jupiter finger is broad from the below then you can give raisin in milk to the children.

Do not make habit for children to eat late night. Children should eat light food. They should eat vegetables. You can also give chaff flour to the children. Avoid corn flour.

You can also tie up whole, sonth and betel nut in any string in their neck. By doing this, development of disorder decrease. You can crush ginger and black pepper to eat the children.

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