Internet and Children - Internet - facebook addiction in childs - Astro Upay

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Laptops and Internet has solved many problems in life. Parents should have to watch on their children how they use internet. Children use internet in wrong way. Internet is the best invention for the world. However it is depend on us how we use it.
Internet and Children - Internet - facebook addiction in childs - Astro Upay
Children who uses internet they cannot concentrate on their main goals. They use internet in a wrong way.

Venus, Moon and Mars are the responsible for making good or bad children. If Venus, Mars and Moon are strong and children goes in the right direction then he become energetic and brilliant. They understand any situation and also solve any problems. They get higher position in their life.

However if Venus, Moon and Mars are strong but they are unstable then they can mislead the children.

If children use the internet then parents should watch on them. Today, children who are at the age of 4-5 years they also use internet.

The part of Jupiter is strong on hand and finger of Jupiter is straight and it is not band inside then child would be strong by his character.

If the mountain of Venus is big and it has spider then you should keep away your children from such things which can distract his concentration.

If Venus is band and angel of thumb is outside then you should be careful. If the part of Moon is upward, it has lines and spots then it gives you wrong direction. You should take vicinity of mother or sister.

If there are no spots or lines on Moon then children cannot distract by the internet.

If Mars part is upward, it has spider and lines then child use internet on a wrong way. You should have self control while using such electronic items that you cannot distract by them. Otherwise it will destroy your life, body and career.

You can wear triangle or square silver pendant. You can also wear silver ring in thumb. It gives the strength to your will power. It will also make you happy go lucky person.

Always keep glass of water and drink more water. Do not use internet in privacy.

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