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Providing information on some of the things related to astrology for the people who believe as well as for the people who don't believe in astrology. Lets discuss it in detail with astro uncle. Aao jante hai jyotish se judi kuch khas baatein jo aap ko jan na behat jaruri hai.

Improtant Things about Astrology - Astro Uncle
You name affects your career. It creates different type of vibration. Not only single letter or word but also your full name affects your career.

If your name is not according to your birth sign then it affects you. You should call the child by his zodiac or Kundali name.

Using your constellation name constantly you get energy in your body.

City and direction also affect one’s life. Such people cannot perform on some places but they perform better when they move out from that place. People whose main planet is in sixth, eighth, eleventh and twelfth place then these people can get success only when they move out from their hometown.

Small children can also wear gemstone. Children can easily overcome from breathe and Snowfiles by wearing gemstone. Pneumonia, heat and inch problems can also be solving by wearing gemstone.

In numerology all the numbers of birth date are added. By doing this you can know about child’s future, mood and conduct. The day is also important when the child is born. You can know about child’s behavior by summarizing day, time and birth date.

Do not think that number 13 is unlucky. The sum of number 13 is 4. The person who has number 4 is emotionally stable and brilliant.

A person should concentrate on cleanliness each day. If you are going outside and someone calls you do not think that it is unlucky. When you go outside you should take care of water, dirt, and legs.

Do not think Sneezing is unlucky. There are different results if someone sneeze one, two or three time.

Empty bucket is considered as unlucky. When you go outside you should see any bucket which is full of water. By doing this your mind remains calm and you can concentrate on work. It also make moon strong.

Do not think that it is unlucky if cat comes in your road. It is considered as good luck in Europe.

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