Importance of Family - How Should be Home Environment - Astro Upay

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When we get independence we have lots of expectation with it. The small feature of country is family. People who leaves in family they have same expectations from them.

Importance of Family - How should be home environment - Astro Upay

If family is good then even if having bad effects of bad planets it gives good result. Normal children can also perform better.

Children need quality time. They should have feeling of touch, love and effects of their parent’s good behavior in their mind. If children has does not have parents impact then they becomes weak. Parents should interact with children.

Parents and children should touch each other while talking. It gives energy and builds trust between parents and children.

Children should have freedom to talk freely in family. If there is no democracy in the home then it cannot work. There should be liberty in parenting so that we can share our thoughts and ideas to each other.

Parents should hear children’s view with patience. It helps children to share their thoughts with parents and they cannot suffer by depression in their life.

Person gets stability when hypothalamus is strong. This is natural that girls share their views with their father and boys always share their views with mother.

There should be worship at home. Doing worship and meditation helps to get success in home.

Do not make control on child’s creativity. Children who has strong Venus, Moon and Jupiter they have good creativity.

You should share knowledge things with children. You can discuss good topic which comes on radio, television. It will definitely give good result.

You should keep concentrate on chewing while eating. Always eat light food in the night. However the lunch should be healthy and you should have lunch together with family.

Try to give gifts to children occasionally. It gives strength to Venus.

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