How to Improve Memory Power ? - Astro Remedies

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Are you having problem of weak memory power? are you easily got forget about the things? then read this simple remedies to improve memories by astor uncle. janiye kaise badhaye yaddast astro uncle se.

How to Improve Memory Power ? - Astro Remedies
Some have sharp memory power or some have weak memory power. Some people need to make notes to 
remember. They even write on their palms.

There are two types of memory 1) Short term and 2) Long term. People have long term memory power they cannot forget things easily. Children who study regularly they do not have fear of exams.

Children having short term memory they cannot remember things for a long time. Mercury and Jupiter are responsible for the strong or weak memory. Short term memory works by Mercury. It affects the memory power. People who have weak moon they have more effect and whose moon is strong they have less effect.

Children are learning power become stronger if his mercury is strong. He also has strong personality. However if mercury is weak then child’s learning power also becomes weak. To increase the memory power it is vital to make mercury strong.

Green color increases the memory power. You should make strong lower or upper part of the thumb for good memory power.

If the mercury finger is small then your memory power is weak. They should learn everyday to achieve their goals. They forget everything on the last moment of the exams.

You can tie up Apamarg and Giloye’s root in neck or you can also eat it. You can eat churn of harad with water 2-3 times in a day.

You can tie up green color string in thumb. Stick your tongue with palate while reading. You can put fingers while reading. You can also acupressure the fingers 10-12 times. By doing this your memory power will increase. Keep self confidence.

Memory power becomes due to gas problems. Gas increases the nervousness which affects the memory power. Do not eat such foods during exams, which make gas in body.


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