Which Jewellery to Wear to Strong your Planet? - Konsa Gehna pehle graho ko majboor karne ke liye

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There are some special jewellery which you can wear to strong your planets, or we can say that we can strong our planets by simply wearing particular jewellery, interested? Lets read about it and know more about it.

Which Jewellery to Wear to Strong your Planet? - Konsa Gehna pehle graho ko majboor karne ke liye? - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

If Moon is weak then you can wear ring and Bengals. Wearing ring in thumb and making wrist tight you can remove mental disorder.

Moon becomes strong by wearing silver jewellery. You can get peace and resisting power will increase by use of silver. The lower part of thumb controls the mind and back bone.

You can get peace, increase concentration and confidence, strong memory by wearing ring in thumb and Bengals or Bracelet in wrist.

The part of between elbow and shoulder controls stomach and hunger. By doing acupressure on this part your hunger will decrease. It also decreases headache and migraine which occurs due to gas and sunlight. You can also control fat. It also controls the liver.

By wearing “Bajubhandh” headache will decrease which occurs due to migraine, anxiety, stress, and sunlight.

You can also wear gold, silver and copper jewellery.

Belly is the center of energy in our body. It controls the urine, kidney, hunger and liver problems. It also controls the mental energy.

By doing “Kapalbhati” gas occurs and fire energy controls in body. You can wear “Kardhani” made from silver or copper on belly. It also helps to control liver and uterus.

Ear controls the blood circulation and mind. Concentration will increase by breathing and pressing ears outside part.

Blood circulation becomes good by wearing earrings.

Such persons whose Mercury is weak or it affects in promotion, do not get child, then men should wear copper earring to get benefits.

Diseases decrease by wearing earrings. You can get benefits by wearing silver and copper earring after the age of 3 years.

Nose denotes the purity of body and mind. Knowledge and voice energy will increase by wearing nose rings. It gives the energy to body and mind.

The below part of knee shows the strength of body. The problems occur in ribs and waist due to weakness in body. Blood circulation becomes good by wearing ankle bracelet. Our immune system also works well by wearing ankle bracelet.

You can also tie black or red color string on ankle and belly instead of ankle bracelet.

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    1. Its very hard to understand the logic behind this. Are MEN are not suffering all the diseases which you mentioned above as all the ornament which you mentioned is for WOMEN only...


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