Simple Remedies to Avoid Depression - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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Today we will know how to avoid the depression and how to get rid of it. in today's world, most of the person are cause of Depression and Depression  is not good for our mentally stability. 

Simple Remedies to Avoid Depression - Astro Uncle ke Upay
Depression is not to become Gloomy, limp, no interest in work, feeling tired. Depression is a disease. In depression, there is no support from mind, health becomes weak.

Depression occurs if your desires are not fulfilled due to weak Sun, Moon or Main planet.

You should make Moon strong. You should check your gas, bile and cough tendency.

If Moon is weak then cough will increase and which results into depression. Due to cough person becomes lazy, he does not work hard to accomplish their desires.

You should wake up before Sun rise and do not sleep in afternoon. People who have cough problem they do not have to sleep in the afternoon.

You should say “Om” with deep breathe while doing “Suryadarshan” in the morning. You can also gaggle by mild hot water or drink hot water.

You can tie nutmeg on throat. Also you can massage, nutmeg adding in cow ghee, on eyebrows while sleeping.

You can eat “Shitlopaladi”. If gas becomes in stomach which results into anxiety and then you have depression.

To overcome from depression you should do exercise. If you do exercise then you go outside, meet others and this is necessary. You should seat with others, do not feel anxiety.

You should balanced bile, eat on time. Know your own strengths. Depression does not mean black out or loss of mind. It is loss of activity.

You should cry if you want to cry, drink more water, and do Pranayama.

You should avoid non veg food and start eating veg food. Eat more fruits. You can also intake “Brahami”. Wash your hair with “Shikakai”.

Children should eat “Brahami”, “Amla” and wash their hair with “Shikakai”. It gives strength to mind. They can also eat “Shatavari”, “Jatamasi” and “Gutuchi” regularly.

You should avoid wearing gold. You can wear silver and copper to give strength to moon.

Children can drink water in silver glass or they can keep piece of silver in glass and then drink water in that glass.

They can also wear pure silver in a form of bracelet or ring. It is considered as blood purifier.

Children should avoid sip of wall. They can wear gemstone of their main planet or worship of their main planet.

Wear red color in depression if you want to cry. They can also wear light yellow, cream and pink color clothes. However they should avoid brown, grey, light black and dark green color to wear.

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