Shukra ko Majboot Karne Ke Upay - Remedies for Venus - Astro Upay

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One cannot get Property and Money easily if his Venus is weak. Person has urine and sexual problems due to weak Venus. He also has problems of insomnia. Due to weak Venus person has hormone problems, his self confidence decrease. Person would not be creative. If Venus is weak and it is on twelfth place in birth chart then person cannot go abroad.

Shukra ko Majboot Karne ke Upay - Shukra ke Upay

Shukra ko Majboot Karne Ke Upay - Remedies for Venus - Astro Upay

You should always keep Venus strong. Child does bed betting due to weak Venus.

If thumb is long and it allots in equal part then child’s personality would be attractive. Small thumb shows less self power. This type of children does not have glow on their face. Person having strong self confidence also has good personality.

If Mountain of Venus is downward then it shows weak Venus. Due to weak Venus marriage becomes late. You will also have problems relating to urine and hormones.

If Mountain of Venus is big and swinging downside then you should keep an eye on children. You should know about their friends. Do not become hurry for their marriage. You should know about the partners’ nature before getting married.

The net on Venus Mountain shows unhappiness in married life. Also such line comes from Venus Mountain and goes to Mars then it indicates unhappiness in married life. This type of children’s marriage would be broken.

If there is net on Venus Mountain then you should be aware during the childhood for thyroid.

You should feed three dogs in copper plates. Person having thyroid problem they should do learn acupressure. You can wear sphatik necklace. Do not take marriage decisions on your own. You should take advice from your parents and siblings. You should take advice from your sister-in-law (Bhabhi).

To make Venus strong you can eat Tapioca Kheer. You can also give it to others to eat. Donate Tapioca to poor. You can eat soft and elaichi. Also do fragrance at home.

You should use fragrance of sandal. You should wear more white clothes. You can choose Art and Painting, Dancing for a career.

You can also take a bath with a curd.

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