Remedies for Strong Jupiter - Astro Upay

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How to strong your jupiter? bhruhaspati ko majboot karne ke upay, bhruhaspati ke upay astro uncle ke dawara.

Remedies for Strong Jupiter - Astro Upay
Do not wear gold rings if you do not know whether your Jupiter is strong or weak. You will face problems like increase in cough, throat problem, and voice problem.

Do not wear Pokhraj without knowing symptom of marriage. By doing this you might get liver problem.

Jupiter controls live, gall bladder and bile juice. Do not wear Pokhraj deliberately.

Our food habits depend on Jupiter. If person has connection of Jupiter-Venus then he loves sweet which creates problems like diabetes.

Person likes spicy food if Jupiter-Saturn is connected. Due to strong Jupiter your knowledge will increase however your weight also increases.

Strong Jupiter increases ego and decreases politeness. In this conditions child cannot becomes socialize.

If there is nothing upward under the index finger then your Jupiter is normal. However the Mountain of Jupiter is downward then Jupiter is weak. If Mountain of Jupiter is more upward then your Jupiter is very strong.

If the index finger is outside then ego increase with knowledge and also negativity increases.

If the index finger is bow towards Saturn then it indicates that child does more argumentative.

Good Jupiter established balanced in your marriage life. You should do “Om Bram Bruhaspatey Namah”, “Om Narayan Namo Namah”.

You should wear yellow clothes. You can also serve cow. You should take help from your idols. Also make friendship with good persons.

Go to the temple after sunset and worship your deity. You can also do meditation in peace environment.

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