Remedies for Marriage Life Problems - Dampatya Jeevan Samasya ke Upay

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Today, we are providing you much requested post and much awaited post, remedies for the marriage life problems. we have got many request for this subject, so here is the special and easy remedies for marriage life problems, apply it and live happy life.

Remedies for Marriage Life Problems - Dampatya Jeevan Samasya ke Upay
If Sun, Mars and Ketu are second, seventh and eighth place in birth chart, also if there is a connection between Ketu and Mars on twelfth place in birth chart then due to effects of this planets problems occurs in married life after one year of marriage. They quarrel with each other, relation might be broken.

Partners have to understand each other and their family after marrying for the next 1 year.

Person who have horizontal and rectangle lines on Venus Mountain and net on that they should become aware. The net on Venus Mountain shows the problems on initial stage during the married life. If lines comes from Venus and goes to Mars or lines comes from Mountain of Mars and goes to Venus then one should control on their speech and behavior.

If marriage line becomes strong and comes to heart line then it is not considered good. They have to face many problems in their commencing year of married life. If Marriage line goes to Mountain of Sun then it indicates problems arise after engagement.

Parents should concentrate if this type of characteristic they see in their child’s behavior. Parents should teach children to work with cooperation. You should keep patient when you have problems.

You should devote water to Sun. you should stand on blankets, rubber or wood while devoting water to Sun.

You can keep one or two empty sugar bags on your balcony or terrace. Plant Tulsi in your home. Keep Sindoor, honey and fruit of Dhatura in bowl and change it when it sinks. You should do this measure at least one year so that you can get benefit.

You can do meditation for a few minutes. You should speak good language. Husband and wife have to go for tour. They can go for a tour where there is greenery or water.

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