Money Mantra - Mantra to get Money Quickly - Astro Upay

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Get know more about the Money Mantra, how to get more money and stable money in your home and in your business. This is achuk upay from astro uncle, try this from astrol uncle ke upay.

Money Mantra - Mantra to get Money Quickly - Astro Upay
It is highly recommend that the second, sixth and ninth place of birth chart should be strong for money. If out of this any one is weak then money cannot remain stable with you. You will get splendor by credit but you will pay always those loans. If these planets are weak then your money will spent by giving someone as a credit or loans. Your money also spent in disease.

Jupiter should be strong to make money stable in your home. Mars, Rahu and Saturn help to earn money but they cannot give stability.

Your Venus should be good to remove your poverty. The connection of Rahu and Saturn suddenly make your poor. If there is bad effect of Rahu and Saturn on ninth and tenth place. You become poor while Moon and Jupiter becomes weak in Gochar in your birth chart. Also the owner of sixth place makes connection with second or ninth place.

The connection of Rahu and Saturn suddenly take your job. If there is box on finger of Jupiter then you should invest your money. If it cross over there it should be independent otherwise it hurts your ambitions.

Earning money and its stability is depending on luck line. If your luck line flows then money cannot come with you in bulk. To give stability for this money you should invest this on the name of your mother or sister. If your luck line stops or broken anywhere then you have to stop spending your money.

If line of Mercury is breaking and finger of Mercury is outside then even if having money you never look rich. You should leave as normal person even if you earn lot of money.

If there are too many lines on your palms and your hand is long then you have work hard to earn money. You should take advice from someone such as mother, grandmother and maternal uncle. If your hand is short, fingers are long then you lose money however if your hand is long and fingers are short then you never spent money on wrong way. But you have to take more responsibility.

You should donate some money. If your forehead is short then you should work hard to earn money and that money you never spend on happiness, it will spend on responsibility. You always feel scarcity of money. If there are many lines on your head then it also shows that you have to work hard.

When life line have circles and comes to Venus then you should be very careful because the money does not have stability. If luck line is breaking or comes inside or it has some spots then it also creates same problems. Do not have ego and you should control on your speech.

You should worship your deity at least 108 times. You can also worship idol mantra. Donate some money to poor, idols, person having leprosy, girls and person having problems, cow and dogs.

You should take measures for Jupiter. You can also organize some religious event at your home. You can also do Gayatri Mantra. Plant Tulsi at your home. You should not plant any tree; its height should not more than the first floor, within 25 feet from your main gate. The west wall does not come outside. There are no ants in your homes. There should not be source of water of well on the south east direction. There should not be shortage of water in ethereal direction.

Do not keep doors every side at your home. Keep safe on north side. You should keep Shri Yantra on north side and do worship of it regularly.

You should invite your idols and serve them. You should light at the evening. You can also do Aarti loudly. You can keep Sarpghandh at your home. If there is effect on second place then you should give money to your wife or mother. Take measure for Pitrudosh.

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