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Do you know which grah yog you have? you can know about all grah yog from your horoscope. let we know about it in detail from astro uncle.

Know About Grah Yoga in Your Kundli - Astro Uncle
If there is special connection in your birth chart then you should be alert and have to take some measures. You can take measures by the time to avoid bad effects of Planets.

If there is more effect of Rahu and Saturn or Rahu and Saturn are opposite to each other or the circumstances are bad then person has to struggle. The work cannot be done and loss in business.

Due to connection of Rahu – Saturn person always take wrong decision. It gives you good fruits while starting but at the end of everything would be finished. Person has to make more struggles during this connection of Rahu – Saturn.

You should take support of idols. You should take decisions taking advice from parents and idols.

You should worship Mahamrutanajay mantra every day.

Due to connection of Saturn – Mars marriage becomes late. If engagement occurs then it will be broken and if you get marry there is a problem of birth of child. Husband & wife cannot live together. There is no happiness in married life. Enemies become more.

You should do “Om Am Angarkay Namah” or “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”. You have to worship only one mantra. If your zodiac sign is Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces then you can do “Om Am Angarkay Namah” and if your zodiac sign is Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Gemini and Virgo then you can do “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”.

Person has habit of logic if there is a connection of Saturn – Jupiter. This connection increases ego in such persons. There must be problem relating to liver, gall bladder, uterus and stomach. Person can build their career in journalism, advocacy and judicial officer. You should take support from your idols. Try to take vicinity of idols.

The connection of Venus – Mars affects married life. You should take control on your emotions. Do not go for love marriage. You should take advice from your parents for the marriage. You should wear sphatik’s necklace. Do worship of “Om Am Angarkay Namah”. You should feed sweet chapatti or sweets to poor people on Tuesday. Also you can wear root of banyan or Peeple tree in tying up in black or red string if there is problem in married life. You can also wear root of Sarpokha, Sarpghandh or Anantmul in red or black string.

Boss does not remain happy when there is connection of Mars – Jupiter. Idol and teachers cannot become happy. Marriage becomes late and you cannot get desire partner. Donate regularly turmeric and rice combining them or you can make yellow rice. Do worship of “Om Am Angarkay Namah” or “Om Kra Kri Kro Sah Kromay Namah”. Devote milk on root of banyan tree forever.

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