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Numbers are very important in life. If you know the number which relates to your life then your personality will increase. you can predict your future through the numbers which are appearing in your birth date or in enrollment no.

You can know lucky number by counting your birth date. You can know radix by combining tithi.

You can know enrollment number by adding number of your name.

The efficiency will increase or decrease who have 0 number.

1 number is for sun, it gives capability to a person like sun. This type of person gets prestige if they have 1 in enrollment and radix. Such person has more than three time number 1 in enrollment or radix then they definitely gets prestige.

However, if number 1 has support of “0”, “3” or “9” then child gets ego.

If a person has number 2 in his birth date, enrollment or radix then child would be emotional. He has good friends. He serves good friendship with his friends. If you there is more effect of number 2 then you can do job in films, media, script and teaching industry. However child has less interest in sports.

Number 3 considered as learning. Child who have more 3 numbers they have good capabilities of learning. Number 3 is for Jupiter, this type of person will get more knowledge and patience after the age of 32.

Number 4 denotes stress. Child who has more number 4 he remains exhausted, it is sign of negative moon. However, this type of person should choose research filed and except straight way.

Number 5 denotes Mercury. It helps more in those fields where speech is more important. This number of people wants immediate result. They remain balanced if they have number 2 and 4 in their date of birth. But if they have number 5, 1 and 9 then they should keep patience. Also they can do meditation.

Number 6 denotes art. This type of person are sociable, they can make friends easily.

Such person who has number 7 they should have to do hard work. They cannot take decisions correctly. However if they have number 1 once or twice in their date of birth then they can balanced in their life. This type of person must have do hard work if they have 2 or 5 number, their concentration reduces.

People with number 8 have more spiritual and fantabulous energy. This type of person can work well in commerce. They have good intuition power. If you have number 8 and you get 8 number 8 twice in your birth date then you can take good decisions in finance. Also they earn lot of money if they get “0”, “1”, “4” or “6” number.

Those who have number 9 more than twice in their birth date then they should control on their anger. They should work hard. Also they should select their partner who has number 9 twice in their date of birth. If they have “1” and “3” with number 9 then they can get money and prestige.

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