How to Control Anger - Gusse par kabu kaise kare? - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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How anger can cause you, we have already explained you about this, now this time i am explaining how to control it and stop causing you. anger is very bad habit, it can cause you very badly, physically and mentally, both way.

How to Control Anger - Gusse par kabu kaise kare? - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

How to Control Anger - Gusse par kabu kaise kare? - Astro Uncle Ke Upay
A person who have pride, ego they easily become angry. Also children who are more emotional they also become angry. Such person becomes angry due to lack of mind power or inferiority.

Children become angrier who have bile and gas problems. Due to anger children will have problem relating to mind and heart.

There must be problem of sourness, nervousness and unease due to anger.

If Rahu is weak then child becomes angrier. You will lose memory power due to weak Rahu. There must be obstacles in luck, decrease in prestige.

To control anger you can run and play.

A person who becomes angrier, similarly mountain of Mercury is upward and there are spots on that then they have blood pressure problems. Also their memory and expression will be less.

If part of Jupiter is upward and you become more angry due to pride and ego.

By overpowering anger you will lose your confidence. You will face emotional disorder problems.

To control anger, try to avoid bile and gas. Do not eat too much oily, spicy, sour food. Drink more water and eat fresh fruits. To avoid bile you can also eat raisins. Drink more water.

You can also eat fresh dairy products such as milk, curd, and butter milk.

You can intake “Aavpatikar Churna” which will definitely reduce the anger. Drink “Vach” in half glass of water once in a day.

Eat Amla to avoid anger. Those who have gas problems they should eat “Harade” with normal water 3-4 times in a day.

Eat more liquid food. Also do “Kapalbhati” to control anger.

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