How to change your Luck? - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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Every person in this world depends on the luck factor. Every one blames luck for their success and failure. So, what is luck, why it is important, is your luck weak, how to stronger your luck.

How to change your Luck? - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

How to change your Luck? - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Luck becomes weak due to the connection of Rahu-Saturn, Mars-Saturn, and Rahu-Mars. Weak main planet, moon, fortune, bad effects of Sade sati. These are the conditions in which luck becomes weak and person tired by doing hard work.

The main planet is the owner of zodiac sign of first place which is located in your birth chart.

The main planet according to signs are 1-Mars, 2-Venus, 3-Mercury, 4-Moon, 5-Sun, 6-Mercury, 7- Venus, 8-Mars, 9-Jupiter, 10 & 11-Satrun and 12-Juptier.

You have to find your main planet and take measures to make it strong. To get success in life, you should take some measures to make Moon Strong.

You can make Moon strong by serving mother, wearing silver. Person having Taurus zodiac sign should avoid silver. To make Moon strong donate milk or dairy products on Monday. Person whose zodiac sign is Taurus, they have to avoid donating milk.

To make Moon strong, you can do “Om Shra Shri Shri Sam Chadramashye Namah”. You should talk with others. You have to serve your mother.

To make fortune strong, worship your deity.

You can do Gayatri Mantra to make Sun strong. You should serve your father.

You can donate sweets, feed jaggery to cow, wear copper bracelet on Tuesday to make Mars strong.

You have to eat green pepper, feed vegetable to cow, wear copper bracelet or ring to make Mercury strong.

To make Jupiter strong, you can do “Om Bru Bruhaspatey Namah”. You should try to get vicinity of idols.

To make Venus strong, you can do fast on Ashthami. Do not eat iodine on Friday. You can donate things which are made from iodine and Kheer on Friday. You can also serve girls who are below the age of 8.

You can do “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah” to make Saturn strong. You have to donate black-white, black or white blankets to person who are suffering from leprosy. Saturn becomes strong by helping poor people.

Children who are at the age of 6-7 they should wear color string of their main planet. They can touch such things and donate that stuff.

You can change your fortune by making Moon strong and worshiping your deity.

Do not disappoint if you do not get success. You should change the way of working.

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