Astrology Reasons and Remedies for Delay in Marriage

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Providing some basic remedies and reasons for delay in marriage with respect to the astrology. How to and which step to do to get married as soon as possible.

The seventh place is for marriage in birth chart. Marriage does not happen or it might be broken due to Mars, Sun and Ketu. However, the condition might be worst if there is no support from Jupiter.

 The span of marriage is 16 -18, 21 -23, 25 – 26, 28 – 29, 30 and 32. You should wait for the correct time. One should not worry about marriage until the age of 28.
Reasons and Remedies for Delay in Marriage
If one should not get time for marriage due to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, they do not have to go for marriage otherwise they might have problems.

You can get idea for marriage from mountain of Mercury on your palms. If marriage line is near to heart line, the child will marry quickly.

However, if marriage line goes to the root of Mercury finger then this type of people will marry late. If Marriage line is between heart line and Mercury finger then marriage will happen at the age of 29 – 30. And if Marriage line is little bit upper on the heart line then marriage happens at the age of 20 – 22.

If marriage line is near to mercury finger then marriage will happen after the age of 36.

Boys should worship Lord Ganesh for marriage. They can also do “Om Ke Ketuve Namah” or “Argala Strot”.

Girls can do Kumbh marriage or they can also marry with Peeple tree. They can also watering to Tulsi or Banana tree. They can also do fast on Monday. They can worship Lord Shiva by milk. People with Taurus sign they can use Lentil, Sesame and Belpatra instead of milk.

Having trap on Venus Mountain shows weak conditions of marriage. Also if mountain of Venus is downward then conditions of marriage are not good. If mountain of Venus is hanging downside then this type of people’s marriage happens late.

If other lines cut the marriage line then there must be problems in marriage life or marriage happens late.

You should plant Calotropis gigantic tree and drop milk or water in it. You should keep flora at your home. You can also do “Om Shri Namah” to control anger. You should worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

If seventh place is weak and it has effects of Saturn, Sun, Mars and Ketu then this type of people’s marriage rarely stays.

You can do meditation which increase patience. You become more socialize. Avoid juicy food. Increase the use of Soft and Mishri. You should avoid such food which gives bad impacts on hormones.

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