Astro Remedies to Get Money - Dhan Barsane ke Aasan Astro Upay

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Giving you some simple remedies to get secure your child's financial position in advance. how to get money and what to do to secure his/her fiance secure, let me know from astro uncle. 

You can combine all the fingers and check if there is space or not between them. If there is no space then child earns good money. However it there is space then child earns money but he spent more.

If fingers are small and pointed compared to palm then child have lot of money. Also if fingers are pointed and similar to palm then also people have lot of money.

There are 6 conch and circle are less between fingers and thumb that person also earn good money. Having conch on fingers is considered as good luck. Fingers should be similar to palms, no space between them, must be pointed and smooth.

After 12 years of age if children’s’ fingers remain smooth then they earn good money. Money earns in a wrong way then it affects Rahu and Jupiter. Due to weak Jupiter household and health becomes weak.

If Rahu is strong then relations becomes weak. If there is a hole of Rahu in palm then person can earn lot of money after the age of 38 by hard work. Parents should start preparing their children for hard work. You should train them in such a way that they can work in any situation.

If luck line is light and hole of Rahu is more than person find difficulty in earning money. You should work hard till the age of 38. Try to adjust with the any situation. If index finger is falling toward middle side then people earns good money but they cannot give importance the way of earning it.

Person whose thumb’s upper part is small they also try to earn money in anyway. If luck line stops in hole of Rahu then person earn money in a wrong way.

If Moon is downward, there is no circle, some lines are attached then person earn money in anyway.

Person earn money in a wrong way if the mountain of Saturn is low, Saturn finger is long and comes to Sun, there is a hole in middle, luck line comes to Saturn mountain.

If finger of Jupiter is straight, mountain is strong and life line comes to Jupiter than person becomes free from his drawback.

If mountain of Sun is strong, there are two straight lines than having willingness to earn money by wrong way; a person cannot earn that money.

If index finger is straight, life line comes to Jupiter Mountain then person cannot earn money by wrong way.

If mountain of Moon is rising, mind line touches Moon then person cannot earn money by dishonesty. These types of person earn money by honesty.

A line from Mountain of Moon meets to the luck line then person get money suddenly. This share gives money, prestige and values.

To earn good money you should take measure for Rahu. To satisfy Rahu you should use sandal. You should try to make atmosphere religious at home. You can do “Agyari”. Light after sunset.

You should plant some tress. Do “Om Shri Namah” by concentrating on the red spot of Shri Yantra.

You should serve your idol and cow. Donate such things. If there is quarrel or Pitrudosh then money cannot stay in that home.

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