Astro Remedies to Become Rich - Astro Upay

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Dhan Barsane ke or dhanvan ban ne ke achuk upay from astro uncle. if you want to get rich try this simple remedies to get rich by astro uncle.

Astro Remedies to Become Rich - Astro Upay
Take seeds of Coral Bead and put in puja and do Kanak Dhara Strot. You can also do “Om Shri Namah” for 11 times by keeping seeds of coral bead in puja. You should do this measure every day.

These measures can be done by only those people who do not have scarcity of money. Girls who are getting problem in marriage due to lack of money they can also do this measure. You can settle Goddess Shodashi Yantra. You should worship her by rose and lotus flowers. This measure is very helpful to those who cannot earn money due to Pitrudosh.

Poverty removes by doing “Om Dham Hrim Shri Ratipriye Swaha” and “Om Shri Om Hrim Shri Klim Shri Klim Om Vitaeshwaraya Namah” mantra for 1.25 Million times.

Take 11 Belpatra and banyan Pate and write “Pam Dai Lam” flow on ninth day of Shukalpaksh of Maha month.

The money which earn during the span of Saturn’s Sade sati, it can be go.

If there is grace of goddess then you can earn money. There is no guarantee of Rahu’s effect so you should never have ego. Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn give good money to anyone. By the worship of strong Mercury and Saturn you get money. To earn good money it is require having strong eleventh and luck in birth chart. The tenth place of birth chart shows the source of money is good or not. You can also by tenth place that in which direction you can make efforts.

If Sun, Moon and Jupiter are in good on ninth and eleventh place then you can get good money. If you have good opportunities to earn money in your birth chart but it has also bad luck to lose them then it is not considered good.

Person who are Aristocratic and Rich they have different symbol on their face.

You should take measure for Pitrudosh. It affects on your income. You should do “Om Gra Gri Grom Sah Guruwe Namah”. You can also do Gayatri Mantra. Devote water to Sun. serve your father or the elders. Take bath with Belpatra or wear root of Bail. Use more white colors. You have to be drilled and outspoken. Wear copper ring in ring finger. Serve cow regularly and plant Tulsi. Donate sweet cream and clothes to your idol. Do worship of Lord Shiva and wear Rudraksh. Talk politely with everyone. Read books and newspapers. Wear more white and yellow clothes. You should plant Banana, Pomegranate and Peeple tree. Use more saffron.

You should use more green vegetables. Wear more copper. Worship goddess Laxmi and Durga. You can also do “Om Bu Budhay Namah”.

You should feed jaggery to bull. Use more red clothes. Flow Revadi and Patashe in water. Take responsibility of your siblings. Wear silver ring in left hands index finger. You can also donate stone in temple or construct poor’s home. Do not plant money plant at your home.

Take honey, Sindoor in pottery and keep it at worship place. Do not let go any poor without feeding sweets. You should feed potato and flour to cow. You should organize clothes, food and study for poor girls. Make musical environment at your home. Go to spiritual place. Donate oil in temple on Saturday. You should do Kanyadan. Keep sugar, silver, oil and water in the middle of home.

Take vicinity of idol. Make tilak of milk and sandal on forehead after praying. If the main entrance of home is on west side then tie yellow cloth on it.

You can also do “Om Hom Jum Sah Ju Hom Om”. Donate lentil and oil. Avoid extra affairs. Keep water on main entrance. Give control of your home to the woman in your house.

You should have Tulsi at your home. Also serve it by milk on Thursday. Home should not be closed, it should be open and air circulative. Feed first chapatti to cow, second to dog and third would be crow. Make worship place on north or north east direction. The flow of water in your home should be north or north east direction. The entrance should not be small. You should not keep gutter while entering the home.

You should set Shri Yantra at your home. You can also set sphatik’s Shivaling. The worship which is done for greed is not good.

You should do “Om Shri Namah”. Wear white clothes.

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