Which Flowers to be used to worship God and Pooja?

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How to use flowers to worship gods and goodness, which flowers to be used to worship for study, for jobs and for love. Today providing astrological remedies to worship god from various flowers.

Which flowers to be used to worship God? What color of flowers to be used while Pooja?

Which flowers to be used to worship God and Pooja?
Whose mind would not mind bloom arise seeing colorful flowers, heart always favor colorful flowers with fragrances, but at the same time they also bring good luck, let us know how:

If you have problem relating to Saturn or Rahu house then discharged a blue flower in a flowing water for a few days, you can also do this for 43 days when his friend or companion bother your child. Do this remedy when your child is scared, especially before difficulties, but this remedy can be done by child himself.

If you have difficulties relating to study then start devoting yellow flower to Goddess Sarswati, you can also give yellow flowers to your teacher.

Keep yellow flowers on your study table.

If whenever you feel that you become powerless, all are gone away from you, and you are unable to stop this, then you have to go for eating in mustard farm, after eating you can come back to the home.

The Red flower reflects the strength of the body, red flowers give relief from physical problems, and they also promote us towards positive thinking. Red flowers are factors of the Marsh and Moon.

Your wishes come true by devoting red flower to Lord Sri Krishna and Lord Shiva.

When you find difficulty in learning, and then start devoting white flower to Goddess Sarswati.

If black flower come in your dreams, or you just love them. Also if you would like to give them to someone then it is the indication of failure, there might be possibility of break up in relationship.

Orange flower strengthens the Venus, if you find difficulties with your partner then gift them orange flower, it will strengthen the relationship, there will be less sour.

If you're in trouble, and you see a red rose in a dream that understands that the problem will be over within 2 to 3 months.

In the dream where you see yourself in the jungle where there are lots of lots of bananas trees, then you will find saint who truly add in spiritual.

If you find yourself in a desert where there are so many thorns, it suggests that someone may fall ill in the house or any there may be small-big troublesome.

If you find yourself in dream taking or giving white flowers to someone, then it is a sign that you will be free from debate.

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