Simple Remedies for Constipation - Kabz ko durr karne ke upay

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Providing simple remedies for constipation, how to remove it and what should we do to avoid constipation. The simple astrological remedies to avoid constipation.

Simple Remedies for Constipation - Kabz ko durr karne ke upay

Simple Remedies for Constipation - Kabz ko durr karne ke upay
Today constipation is ordinary in our routine life. Let us come to know how it affects the body and how to overcome it:

Constipation reduce the concentration, constipation which make last cannot concentrate oneself, irritation, get angry, people with constipation do not match any more, they do not speak their problems with anybody, it reduces the ability to function of the liver, large intestine and small intestine weakens, so the entire digestive process goes on weak, long-lasting constipation impacts on heart slowly.

Due to constipation there must be cold pain, eye pain or weakness remains.

If the upper part of nail become blackish then you needs to be cautious, also see your tongue, the tongue is more growing, it remains white layer on it then you should take care of your stomach without delaying

Check head and heart line on your hand also check Venus mountain, if the skin of both this part become oily, and there is red or black spot on Venus mountain then it shows you have constipation problem or it might be occur in future.

Women do not remain happy during pregnancy time, or those who intake more drug, their children should have problem of constipation.

Treatment of constipation can be done two levels, the first level of thinking, and the second level, measures and avoided.

Nowadays we all feels sorrow in others happiness and vice-versa, do not do this, you have to live happy in others happiness and share the others sorrow, it is not only easy to say but also it is also easy to accept in our life, we can change our thinking, and believe when you change your thinking, really believe me, life will be much easier, made righteous, behavior should be good with loved ones and the others, what you need to do is.. Just change your thinking.

Constipation means to shrink, shrinkage of thinking, and the contraction of the stomach, so be open, open in practice also, remain mixed, live happy, think good, give love, this type of thinking will have an effect on your stomach.

You should eat black myrrh thoroughly 2-3 times in a day, you should take this half an hour of after eating, constipation will gradually ceasing.

Take fennel water before sleep, the indigestion, gas and constipation will be diagnosed.

You can keep 5 raisins soaked in milk, and eat these raisins before half an hour to sleep, and if you do not have problem with milk at night then you can also drink that milk.

Isbgol, coconut water helps in constipation.

People having constipation drinks too little water, you need to change this habit; you have to drink more water not only in summer but also in winter.

If small children have constipation problem then you can massage ghee or asafetida on his stomach, massage should be done in downward direction. They do not face constipation problem as well as gas problem.

Women should drink more water during pregnancy time, do not take eat late night, they should avoid those things which creates more gas, and must avoid bread.

People who have constipation problem they should eat less jackfruit, eggplant, and raw tomatoes, as well as beans, chickpeas take in limited quantities.

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