Remedies for Winter Problems - Cold Hands - fingers - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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Winter is coming, and with winter many problems arise, today we will know about then fingers and thumb of your hand, also whole hand and wrist pain occurs then what can you do? Simple astrological remedies for Winter problems.

Remedies for Winter Problems - Cold Hands - fingers - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Remedies for Winter Problems - Cold Hands - fingers - Astro Uncle Ke Upay
There must be pain arise in fingers by excessive use of PC and mobiles, not only fingers and thumb get pain but also nails also get weak.

Children who are playing handball or volleyball, or used their fingers more, they might have problem such as stiffness, swelling and fingers can be band.

If Mars, Saturn and Rahu are more effective then they affect muscles and bones, Saturn affect veins and increase inflammation in parts of the body so that the problem arise.

The second reason of inflammation is Mars, Jupiter is also behind it which brings the liver and digestive disturbances, liver does not respond, problem rise in digestion, digestive chemicals are not properly prepared. Those whose Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are not good they should do remedies for a life time so that the problems cannot arise more.

To snap fingers is very bad thing, one should not do this as the bone of fingers are already thin, by snapping them fingers becomes weak and also it might be crooked.

People whose Saturn is more effective their fingers are kinky, and where the fingers are kinky thin muscle problems arise, muscles remain stiff, also there must be pain in fingers.

If Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Jupiter affects in any way then used less ginger, lentil, give up all meat, take less soybeans, drink double toned milk, take more buttermilk, do not take raw onions, eat fresh curd, eat less Rajma and Choole.

Make habit of drinking water in copper glass, and if you get anger easily then drink water in silver glass rather than copper glass. And remember drink the fresh water not that water which is kept in the fridge.

Take efforts to reduce the anger, go to the shelter of the Lord, meditation or Pranayama will reduce the anger, life will become easy.

Take warm water and add rock salt in that, you can dip your hands in that water, by lightly compress it will give the rest and also vein work properly.

Those who have problem with joints, cut 2-3 turnips half and boiled in water, when water remains warm then wash joints by this water, it's a good idea for people with arthritis.

You can also wear Sandalwood pendant in Rudraksh chain which removes the problem of joints, muscles constricted less, and pain will remain low.

You can also take warm mustard oil and dip the fingers in it, the pain will vanish and also nails become beautiful.

By closing fingers and moving wrist joint pain will vanish.

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