Bhaiduj 2016 - Importance of Bhaiduj

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The festival of Bhaiduj is celebrated to indicate the bond of brother and sister all over India. The festival is celebrated by Hindu community two times in a year. First one is Rakshbandhan and second is Bhaiduj. It is celebrated after the great celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, firecrackers, and happiness. The festival is observed as sign of love and affection between sisters and brothers.

Importance of Bhaiduj 2016


On this auspicious day of Bhaiduj sister do tilak on forehead of their brothers and do aarti by showing prayer, love, and protection for them. Moreover, they take lunch or dinner together with whole family and celebrate it with great pleasure. Brothers give gifts, blessings and luxuries to their sisters. This day is celebrated on the fifth day of Diwali that starts on a new moon night. The word ‘Dooj’ specifies second day of new moon and bhai means brother. On this day sisters pray for their brother’s long life, wealth, and safety.

Moreover, as per the customs yamaraj the god of death went to visit his sister after long time. His sister yami was so happy to see her brother and they shared meal with each other and they repeated it every year on the second day of new moon. 

Till date this tradition is monitored in India. Diwali is incomplete without Bhaiduj. It is also known as ‘bhaiyya duj’ in Hindi speaking people and ‘bhavbij’ in Marathi speaking people. Moreover, it is known as ‘bhaifota’ in Bengal and in Nepal it is called ‘bhaitika’.

The spirit of the Bhaiduj is to celebrate and fortify the love of brother and sisters. It is the day of praying for each other, sharing food, and giving gifts. There are gifts available in market especially made for Bhaiduj. Celebrate the festival of affection and make relations stronger. This year Bhaiduj will be celebrated on 1st November, 2016. Happy Bhaiduj!


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