Astrological Remedies to Get Admission in College

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The simple remedies to get admission in College. The admission session is about to come, so you can give a try to  these astrological remedies and get admission in easiest way.

The most of the competitive exams like JEE Main, CDS, NEET, IES, SSB, CTET, GATE and many more are about to come, so these remedies will help you to get admission.

Astrological Remedies to Get Admission in College

Astrological Remedies to Get Admission in Collage
When college admissions are started, it is not only difficult and stressful time for students but also for the parents, as they think that whether their child can get admission in good college or not.

Many students can get admission in their favorite college however some children cannot get admissions even getting good marks and the questions arise in their mind that despite of doing hard work why they cannot get admission in good college? The answer to “why” has been given by Pawan Sinha through the astrology:

The owner of the luck is bad or weak, as well as their fourth and fifth in the coil would undermine then despite of doing hard work they cannot get good admission.

If fourth and fifth gesture is weak then even if doing good work and study, child cannot get admission. Children whose birth chart are good they do not have difficulty in finding a good college, despite of having lower grade they can get admission.

Children should have started the preparation of admission before one or two years, Mr. Pawan insists on keeping children's mental foundation of your goal, if you've made up your mind to enroll in a college, and work hard in a way that with measures, you will definitely get success.

First you need to have clean yourself and sit in chapel, keep in mind your goal that where you want to get admission, what is my goal, make it clear, tae little rice and water in hand and dedicated to your favored. By doing this you took an oath in front of the god that you will work hard to achieve your goal and you ask support to your god. You will get full confidence by doing this to achieve your goal.

It is very important for children to worship of goddess Sarswati, on auspicious days, like Navratri, take one betel nut which is not broken from any side, and ripe with one charm of Sarswati. You have to wear that betel nut in your neck in a silver chain.

After doing hard and good work if you cannot get admission in good college, you can donate your shoes. And on Saturday donate mustard oil peel off from you own.

You can also wear solid silver sore in your neck which helps to achieve the goals.

You can donate green cloth, whether it is small or large, to poor. You can start this from Monday and continue to 43 days.

You can also wear thee or seven Mukhi Rudraksh in a neck.

You can also wear silver chain given by your mother. It also helps to achieve your goal.

If you cannot get admission in good college year after year then do not go behind it, may be the Lord has chosen another way or field for you, and find any other option.

Who should not get into a good college, if friends said this course is good, and everyone follows that, do not behave like this? 

Identify your ability and talent, you are different from others, you have different properties from others, discuss your goals against your parents, teacher or idol, take advice, opinion and consult them, and nowadays there is lot of information available on internet for each course, make and work on your goal after testing this, and keep faith that your house and luck both will support you.

Make study plans for your study and work according to that. 

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  1. respected sh. pawan sinha ji , heads off for you , thank you very much for your valuable guidance to the mankind , i want to learn astrology , please help / guide me , thanks


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