Astro Tips for Girls and Women's for Day to Day Life

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Some Astro tips for Women's and Girls  for better life, better live in and also for day to day life tips. Try this tips now and enjoy some great live ahead for all women's.
Astro Tips for Girls and Women's for Day to Day Life
Drink water in a Silver glass, if you do not have silver glass you can put silver coin in a steel glass and drink water.

You can also donate clothes or slippers frequently; it removes the mental and physical stress getting by Saturn.

You can also wear Rudraksh, you will not surround by quick-tension, keep in mind that if Rudraksh is real then only you will real advantage.

Women who have arthritis and anger, if they can get emotional support from their father, brother, husband or any men, then they gain a lot experience.

The daughters of the house light gugle herself in those house sorrows never come.

Daughters of the house remain in silence for a short time, and try to connect to God, think positive, that house always remains splendor, it is a wondrous way, and daughters can do this for parents, home, they can give pleasure by doing this.

Daughters can keep small silver urn with her hands in home, keep filling honey always, and keep the urn in the chapel, this measure provides wonderful result.

If your father suffers from physical or mental discomfort then daughter can put up a water tank of his father's ancestral house, village, town or city.

Try to prevent moisture in the house.

Houses where women’s Saturn and Rahu are weak or poor, in their home servant always bothered them; to prevent this you can drain lead (lead) on Saturday in the fresh or dirty water.

If there are more fights then you can place coconut on top of the urn in the house, and partially you can add water on the coconut, whenever it bust you can change them, it will be less fights and increase harmony in home.

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