Astro Remedies to get Better Skin - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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Everyone wants better skin, smooth and glowing skin. Today we will learn about the Astrological Remedies to Get better skin from Astro Uncle.

Astro Remedies to get Better Skin - Astro Uncle ke Upay

We divided the skin remedies in two parts, skin at home and Nature of body and its effect on skin.

1) Skin & Home:

The girls or women who’s Moon, Mercury, Sun and Venus are weak there must be problem in their skin. Whether having gas, hormones imbalance, increase of bile into the stomach, or the stress.

Moon languished stress in mind and make the skin dry, women who has more stress their skin remains dull, lack of passion, that women rarely drink water throughout the day, they fail in taking good night's sleep, they could not find good on their view, cold or cool things tend too much trouble, if you have any of these symptoms, then you can wear solid silver ring throat, drink more water; eat more juicy fruit, and it would be better to eat juicy fruit in a day, they should keep away from stress as much as possible.

If the Venus is affecting your skin and Venus affects hormones then it will bring disorder, in this conditions women should wear silver ring on your hand’s thumb, they should do Pranayama, try to make moisture in skin, this women's skin remain chapped, they should take advice by doctors so that hormones does not affect the skin and do not create big problems in skin.

Weak Jupiter creates bile in stomach, weak Mercury Furious create more gas in the stomach and can lead to stomach bug, there might be skin allergy, rashes, serious skin disorders occurs.

If the conjunction of Venus and Mercury in the horoscope is not good then there is problem relating to pimples. Women tend to be more hyper if Mercury is weak, if Mercury is very weak then skin color change in leg, full arms and stomach, skin becomes rough, and it's not easy to recover, the stress also gives negative impact on our skin. Stretch marks occurs to women’s whose Mercury is very weak.

If women are soft, then their skin gradually becomes dire.

If you feel more stress then skin becomes rougher, the water dries in it, also Venus of a woman is weak then it creates thyroid and hormonal disturbances, Venus makes rough skin in such a way that sometimes blood come from it.

Do you have note that the disease which creates by this four homes can be solved only by drinking water, the owner of water is moon, if you consume water then it give power to Moon, stress disappeared, by drinking water chapped skin can be done right, bile which is created by Jupiter, can be solved by drinking water, and rough skin which occurs by Mercury, can be good through drinking water. So all daughters and women are requested to increase the consumption of water.

Donate flour, sugar, honey, jaggery, yellow lentils, try to away keep yourself by constipation, as long as constipation is there skin does not remain good. This take 6-8 months but the bad influence of planets will be decreased; consequently, skin will be good.

2) Nature of body and its effect on skin

If the skin is dry, and wrinkles are already on it then it shows the nature, wrinkles comes before time, skin can be stretched, wrinkles occur on hands, mouth, throat and upward hands. Apply cream so that skin never remains dry, women who have this type of skin does not forget to drink water. Do not wear black, blue, bright yellow, gray color. Reduce or do not take sugar.

There may be rashes in skin that has bile nature, if nails stripe then there is red streak occurs in skin, women who have this type of skin will suffer lot in summer and monsoon, bile will increase but there will be more chances for infections. In this condition do not happens constipation, increase the consumption of water. Begins the plantation.

The cough nature will happen due to oily and cooling, this type of skin normally remains fat; the skin has heaviness under the neck and navel. If your skin has cuff nature then it sediment deposits there and it create skin related disease. Women who have cough nature they should avoid rough. Such daughters and women can do the above moon measures.

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