Top 5 Vastu tips to get Prosperity and Happiness in this Diwali 2016

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Providing Top 5 best Vastu tips to get prosperity and happiness this Diwali 2016 in most easiest way. just follow it, and get maximum benefit in this Diwali 2016

Astro uncle ke upay main aaj hai Vastu tips jo ki aap is diwali main kar sakte hai. Ye upay karne se aapko sukh, dhan or bohot sari safalta milegi. To try kijiye ye Astro uncle ke vastu upay Diwali ke liye, or baki logo ko bhi bataye.

Diwali is called the festival of lights! It is celebrated all over the world with a great enthusiasm. It is also called ‘Deepavali’. The festival of lights brings lots of happiness and people welcome it with inclination. 

Are you excited for this Diwali?Do you wish that god increase your prosperity and happiness this Diwali?Here are some vastu tips that work efficiently.

Why We Need to focus on Vastu in this Diwali?

Well, its good to focus on Vastu, as Vastu is the direct proportion to wealth, prosperity and happiness of your home. Making such easy vastu tips applicable in your home can give you more and more benefits. 

Do follow the below mentioned Vastu tips, apply it and see the change. I bat it will be positive, you will observe the change for sure.

Top 5 Vastu Tips to Do in This Festival Days - Diwali 2016

1. Most of you are going to clean your home this diwali, so while you do cleanness of your home, Do this one. This Diwali move 27 things of your house and mark changes in your life.Moving 27 things will bring variations in your wealth and bliss.

2. Throw away all that things which are unnecessary and make a way to put new things in house.By doing this you will feel revolution in your life.

3. Put a water fountain in north direction or east or south as it will be really valuable. It is said that fresh water is a sign of virtuous health. However, you need to keep in mind that the water fountain must be balanced in size of your room. You can place waterfall of water outside your front door and put it on right-hand side of door.

4. Make your home shining by light up lamps as it is the main thing we do in Diwali so, evil (lord) spirits keeps away from our house and goddess Lakshmi brings wealth in our life.Your home must look brighter with lighting and twinkling diyas.

5. According to, vastu it is good to purchase gold and silver coins for gifting your dear ones. It increases prosperity and cheerfulness in your life. The coins which you use for pooja should be wrapped in red cloth with golden strings. It is said that they are the blessings of goddess Lakshmi and sign of good luck for whole year.

If you follow such vastu tips you will be noticing many new things happening in your life that brings joy and fortune. Hope this tips will help you this diwali, not only diwali, but you can do it in normal days too. 

Expect the Lamps and lighting, you can do keep clean your house, purchase of Gold and Silver coin, Put a water fountain and Throw away unnecessary things can defiantly going to help you out, for sure!

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