Forecasts for Different Zodiac Sign for Diwali 2013

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Diwali is coming and there is a great excitement for it everywhere. The festival of lights is celebrated all over the world with lots of happiness and cheerfulness. The day after Diwali is New Year day of Hindu community.

Forecasts for Different Zodiac Sign for Diwali 2013

Forecasts for Different Zodiac Sign for Diwali 2013

On this auspicious day many people search for their horoscopes and forecasts to know about their future. Here i will provide you the horoscope and by following it in Diwali you can get rid of many problems.

Aries (Mesh) –It is advised to keep a colored white cloth from sandalwood in your locker on Diwali. By doing this your wealth increases and you can get rid of financial problems.

Taurus (vrushabh)–Light two lamps of cow’s pure ghee and keep their wick fixed together on the day of Diwali. Moreover, keep them on the isolation place minding the wish you want. Your wish becomes true and your life will be full of fun.

Gemini (Mithun)–After the prayer of goddess Lakshmi take a coconut with coir and mind your desire on Diwali day. Take a red cloth and wrap the coconut in it and place it on the solitude area. When your wish is fulfilled put the coconut in the temple of goddess Lakshmi.

Cancer (kark) –Fix a yellow flag in the triangular form on the temple of lord Vishnu and must care about it swings in air. If you do that your luck will bright up on this Diwali and look for flag till one year.

Leo (Singh) –Put a lamp of ghee in the entrance of your house at night and if it keeps lighted till sunrise than your prosperity will increase.

Virgo (Kanya) –On this Diwali take a red handkerchief, keep a shriphal in it and put it in your locker. You will be able to save money.

Libra (Tula) –Offer kamal gatta in the feet of goddess Lakshmi on this Diwali if you are suffering from financial issues. After praying keep it in a red cloth and put in your locker.

Scorpio (Vrushik) –Plant two plants of banana in any temple on this Diwali if you are suffering from economic issues. Remember, look for tree and when it starts giving fruits don’t use it or eat it.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) –Write mantra on the leave of betel with roli and keep it in your locker. Feed any animal the leave next day.

Capricorn (Makar) –Keep a shriphal in red cloth in your locker and by doing that you will be able to save money according to your expectations.

Aquarius (Kumbh) – Light a lamp and keep ghee in it in the solid shell of coconut on the night of Diwali to get money. Increase your economic status.

Pisces (meen) –Donate fragrant incenses in the temple of goddess Lakshmi to acquire money incidentally. It is suggested to follow this regularly to increase prosperity soon.

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