Astro Remedies according to your zodiac sign gratify goddess Lakshmi - Dhanteras 2013

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This Diwali gratify the goddess Lakshmi according to your zodiac sign and feel the change in your life. The Diwali 2013 are from 3rd November, 2013 and dhanteras will be on 1st novemeber, 2013 and on these good occasion, you can gratify goddess Lakshmi to get more wealth for your family and business.

Check sign by sign, what to do to get more money and do apply it on this dhanteras 2013.Here are some things which you should follow to get it.

Aaj ke astro uncle ke upay main hai rashi anusar laxmiji ko prashan karne ke upay. Janiye or apnaiye ye upay or paiye dhan lakshmi or bohot sare wealth.

Astro Remedies according to your zodiac sign gratify goddess Lakshmi - Dhanteras 2013

Astro Remedies according to your zodiac sign gratify goddess Lakshmi - Dhanteras 2013
Aries (Mesh raashi) –Those people who have this zodiac sign have qualities of mangal and they are ambitious, strong and blunt.Tis zodiac sign people should be careful that their wall of room must be painted red as it will bring immense.

Taurus (Vrishabh raashi) –This zodiac sign people are responsible and they maintain their family, society, and social responsibilities very well.The room in which you do puja should be painted white.Place lotus flower in Diwali puja and put it in your locker to save money.

Gemini (Mithun raashi) –The people who have this zodiac sign can turn impossible conditions in possible ones by their sense of humor.They are hardworking, stubborn and can simply overcome difficulties.The place where you do puja should be painted light green.This Diwali worship a dakshin varti shankh and place it in your locker. It improves you economic condition.

Cancer (Kark raashi) –They are moody and keeping them moderated is the ideal situation for cancerians.If there is loss in your business feed cow green food and plant money plant at your home.

Leo (Sinh raashi) –They are brave, bold, and self-centered.To get success paint your home with red colour. To get prosperity bury green moong on Wednesday under earth.

Virgo (Kanya raashi) –They are good in developing relationships and honest. Take two kamal gatta on this Dhanteras and offer it in goddess Lakshmi temple to change your life.

Libra (Tula raashi)–They are charming, emotional and good-looking.Paint your temple walls with green color. Get up early in the morning this Diwali and offer a coconut in goddess Lakshmi temple to solve money problems.

Scorpio (Vrikshik raashi) –They face so many problems in the early stage of their life.Paint white color on wall of the temple where you do puja for great success.

Sagittarius (Dhanu Raashi) –They have gregarious and welcoming.The puja room should be painted blue for getting beneficial changes in your life.

Capricorn (Makar raashi) –They are intelligent, patient and hardworking.The puja room walls should be painted green and if you face sudden loss in money lie on the ground for sleeping. It will solve your problem.

Aquarius (Kumbh raashi) –They are independent, stubborn and innate.The room where you perform puja should be painted with light green color as it will give you a great success.

Pisces (Meen raashi) –They are sensitive and charitable.Make your puja room painted white or red for profits. Plant a money plant in the entrance of your home to solve money issues.

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  1. Dear Sir, which Raashi ??? Moon sign? Sun sign? or Lagna Raashi?

    1. All the remedies are as per Moon Sign only!

    2. Thank so much, sir! Will follow for sure; mine is Cancer then.


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