Astrology Meanings of Dreams - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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This post will let you know the astrology meanings of Dreams, with astro meaning of Colors with respect to seasons, color and calendar month by Astro uncle ke Upay.


Astrology Meanings of Dreams - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Seasons in Dreams

Spring : It is a sign of fortunate undertakings and cheerful companions. 

Summer : It foretells joyous events and prosperity; denotes the maturity of ambitions and signals unbound satisfaction. 

Autumn : It implies to cycle of transformation and change of surroundings. One will experience many ups and downs. 

Winter : Winter in dreams mean a cycle of disintegration and rest. It tells about happiness and financial gains.

Colors in Dreams
Astrology Meanings of Dreams - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Beige : This color denotes neutrality and detachment. It foretell absence of communication.

Black : This color signifies isolation and transition period. It shows conflicts and friction with relations and friends.

Blue : This color denotes a great source of inner peace and a symbol of contentment. 

Brown : This color signifies freedom, success, money and happy and long-lasting union. 

Gray : It signifies peace but if dull then it signifies fear. 

Green : This color signifies growth and serenity. 

Orange : Orange color in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life. 

Pink : Pink is associated with tenderness and love. One can expect interesting developments in relations with opposite sex.

Purple : This color signifies great aspirations and understanding of visible and invisible realms. Do take advantage of your creativity. 

Red : Red is an indication of great passion and sensitivity in ones emotional relationships.

Turquoise : Basically this color indicates new opportunities and the successful completion of projects. It is also a sign of good luck.

White : It denotes that people feel they can rely on. White signifies to have an abundance of energy and vitality. 

Yellow : It is a sign of confidence in and abilities but will encounter opposition. 

Calendar in Dreams

Astrology Meanings of Dreams - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

January : January signifies financial gains. A mystery may be solved and beware of a false friend nearby. 

February : February is associated with health problems and worries. There is hope for beneficial events to come. 

March : March signifies disappointing returns in business and enemies could cause damages.

April : The month april in dream signifies that much pleasure and profit are in the horizon, but it is a sign of distress if the weather is miserable.

May: The month May denotes prosperous times and pleasure for the young. Do not get discouraged. 

June: June denotes good earnings but must rely on own good judgement. Do avoid rivals. 

July : To dream of The month July,foretells unusual gains in all undertakings. Use caution in your affairs. 

August : August is a positive month . It denotes that all will go well in life, will take a long trip,and will receive unexpected good news.

September : To dream The month September means good luck, changes for the better and desires and hopes will be accomplished. 

October : To see yourself in October means you are enjoying the fruits of hard work and will make lasting friendships.

November : The month November signifies a time of happiness and success in all affairs. 


  1. dob-18.09.1961 time-06:00 am place agra up health problam full life isht dev mukhya gherye

  2. sir,
    Name : Sushil Kumar Mainwal
    DOB - 17-08-1977 Time - 04:25 AM
    Place of Birth - Chatanpuri (Deoband) Dist.- Saharanpur, U.P.

    I have a dream, ek market he, "jisme starting main muslim meat shop
    he, waha se main gujarta hu, gali ke dono side main gayein, bhensh
    kati padi hoti he, aur na chahte hue bhi main waha se gujarta hu, waha
    se nikalte hue ek chok he, chowk ke left side main puri muslim colony
    he, aur right side main ek chota sa road he, jo uper kahi highway main
    mix ho jata he, aur chowk ke thik agee jo road he, waha par bahut achi
    colony he, jahan par kisi ghar main chala jata hu, aur wapas akar
    chowk ke chote se road se uper jakar highway se apni cycle laker kahi
    bahar jungle main chala jata hu, kaha jata hu malum nahi, kyonki uske
    baad me jaag jata hu."

    yeh dream mujhe month main ek baar toh aata hi he, aur ek hi situation
    ati he jo uper likhi, maine yeh jageh kabhi nahi dekhi, na hi main
    aisi kahi gaya. malum nahi kyon baar baar yeh dream mujhe pareshan
    karta he.

    Q 01. pl. mujhe ish dream ke barein main bataye ki kyon mujhe yeh
    dream aata he? aur kya ish se mera pichle or ish janam ka koi relation
    toh nahi.

    Q 02. ek baat aur mujhe janam se mare both ears main jewelry wala hole
    he, jo abb band ho gaya he, pl. iske barein main jarur bataein?


    Regards -
    Sushil Mainwal
    New Delhi
    Ph. 9650365878


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