Ye krodh aapko nuksan pahuchayega - Astro Uncle - 13-Nov-2010- online episode - Tez Channel

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Aries: They have to keep attention, changing of Mars gives good result but anger and stress increases.

Taurus: For this type of person the time will change.

Gemini: They should take good decisions, do not take risk otherwise you might lose your job or business. There must be mistakes while giving interview, exams. Irritation occurs, they might fight with friends. If you are already more anger then you should avoid try to get anger.

Cancer: The situation is not so bad for this people however the situation will change after 29 November 2010. Do not get depression, fight with problems.

Leo: This sing of person have difficult phase until December 2010. They do not get support from Sun, Mars and Mercury. Control yourself, if you are doing important work relating to work or business keep attention on that. Be attentive and calm.

Virgo: This sign of people will get good result after 29th November 2010 and it becomes very good phase after 12th December 2010.

Libra: There phase should be good in next 2-3 days, their self confidence increases. Health become well, mind in control, there will be less anxiety and unhappiness will remove. The atmosphere of home will happy.

Scorpio: They should do hard work. This time is for promotion. This is the time when you lose due to stress, you should keep self control.

Sagittarius: They have to face problems December 2010, Jupiter is weak, and 50-55 days will be tough. Keep self control.

Capricorn: Irritation, insecurity and anxiety will increase; you should make control on that.

Aquarius: The situation is good at this moment. You will get control on such conditions after 29th November 2010.

Pisces: The situation will become good after February 2011. You should keep control and patience. You might lose concentration, study becomes weak. There might be problem in interview, job or business.

You should avoid red pepper, iodine and sweets. Drink more water, keep mum and do mediation, think about yourself.

Eat Coconut, Fennel, Cardamom and Mishri 3-4 times with water in a day.

Drink milk with turmeric which avoids anxiety. You can also add honey in milk. Take walk and bath. Take deep breath, you will feel good.


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