Vegetables of Winter session - Sardiyo ke khas phal sabji - Astro Uncle

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Astrology Suggestion, which vegetables to eat in days of winter. Winter is coming, if you eat below mentioned (astro suggestion) , then you can improve your planetary position.

Vegetables of Winter session - Sardiyo ke khas phal sabji - Astro Uncle
Carrot: Carrot makes strong health. Skin and eyesight becomes good by drinking carrot juice. It also increases the memory power. Keep in mind that while drinking carrot juice you should add asafetida or cumin in that.

You can also add Amla juice in carrot juice which increases the memory, confidence and expression.

It is not good for children that Jupiter becomes weak. When Sun and Moon give bad result and affects second, twelfth place then you should eat 3-4 carrots in a day.

Eyesight does not remain good due to weak Sun and Moon.

By eating carrot you can give strength to skin, eyes and mind. Having Kheer of carrot your skin will improve, eyesight becomes strong and mind becomes more active.

When Jupiter is weak then liver becomes also weak and there must be problem of stone, jaundice and indigestion. Also there must be problem of piles.

You can eat Radish. You can take 20 piece of radish boil them in water and after filtering drink it.

When you are suffering from jaundice then you can drink radish juice or eat radish.

If Jupiter is weak then do not eat “Radish Paratha”.

You can also eat radish when you have problem of piles.

In home if someone has problem of stone then they should eat Guava removing its bij

By eating Guava in the morning, level of sugar remains in control, no problem of stomach and indigestion.

Those who have problem of breathe they should eat Guava in the morning. Do not eat Guava which is kept in refrigerator.

You can also eat baked Guava adding black iodine; it removes coldness and helps in breathe. You can also make recipe of Guava which also helps.

You can eat Guava if you have problem in stomach, breathe and piles due to Rahu and Venus.

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