How to Increase Reasoning Power - Kaise badaye bachcho ki samajh - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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Providing Transcript of the 24th June Astro Uncle Ke upay Episode in Text Version for Astro Remedies to Improve the Reasoning power.

How to increase children’s Reasoning Power

How to Increase Reasoning Power - Kaise badaye bachcho ki samajh -  Astro Uncle Ke Upay
If the finger line of Mercury is straight and outside then child can easily understand the situation. If the finger of Mercury is attached with Sun then a there must be delay in such things or situation to understand. They take time for such decisions.

The upward side of thumb is similarly big as the lower side then child has more reasoning power. And if both sides are equal then child will work after good thinking.

If the upward part of thumb is hard then this type of children has sharp brain. The movement of backside of the thumb is also the sign of sharp brain.

If the thumb is straight then child is not only stubborn but also have sharp brain.

If the upward side of thumb is not round and yellow, if it is straight and move backside then the reasoning power of the child would be good. This type of children works to achieve their thoughts.

If the child has good logic power then it will get success in life.

If the mountain of Jupiter is come up then child have knowledge but he cannot understand such things quickly. You can eat “Bramhi”, “Amla” and “Shankhpushpi”. They can also do meditation.

They can walk on the grass; teach them how to talk with others.

A Child who does not have reasoning power they suffer from anxiety. Try to always remain happy and never feel nervous.

Children should have effective imagination not day dreaming.

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