Homework and Children - Homework Na Karane Wale Bachche - Astrological Remedies

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This post provides you Astrological Remedies, Simple way to make your child doing homework properly. this are the simple way, thing you can do if your kids are not doing homework properly or they are not concentrating on homework or study. This is the Text version of Astro Uncle show of 18-June-2010.

Homework and Children - Homework Na Karane Wale Bachche

Homework and Children - Homework Na Karane Wale Bachche - Astrological Remedies

Children who are responsible and regular they are doing their homework easily and those who are hyper; irregular they cannot their homework easily.

Children whose mountain of moon (chandra ka parvat) is good, the turns on the hands of moon are good, these children always ask for freedom and they complete their homework on time.

If the Anamika line is straight, and it is not turn on Saturn or Mercury then this type of children are always understand their responsibility.

Children whose mountain of Jupiter is rise, they do their homework own.

There is no sign on mountain of Mars, no cuts on that, and it comes little bit outside, those children do their homework on time.

Do not give too much pressure on children until age of 14. With the high pressure, children become more aggressive, depressed.

If the mountain of Venus is rise, there is no angle then children cannot work continuously. Parents should not have to force their children for homework they can just remind them.

The lower part of moon mountain is rising, those children have strong curiosity. Motivate the children to achieve the goals.

If the Saturn Mountain is lower and the thumb is outside then parents should not help to children in their homework.

Parents should not have completed the homework for those children whose hand is small compared to their body. In this case children will get lazy and they cannot do their homework on their own.

Do not force or give pressure on children’s mind; do exercise them in every two hour. After long study children can take sleep in “Yoga Mudra” or “Shav Ashan”.

Let the children play for a while, and then you can give them homework.

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