Small small difficulties and Astro Remedies - Chhoti - chhoti pareshaniyan ke Astro Upay

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The simple Astro remedies to recover from small small difficulties in your life like anger, irritation, headache, back pain and more health issues.

Choti choti pareshaniyon ko dur kar ne ke astro uncle ke aasan upay

The signs of hair fall are weak Rahu, depression, work cannot be completed, waste of money. Due to hair fall anger and irritation increase.

In birth chart if Rahu is bad or on palms the vale of Rahu is deeper then there must be problems such as headache, backache and in legs.

Due to Rahu, there must be problem such as leakage on ceiling, electricity and leakage of tape in home.

You can wash seven grains in milk and float in a water three or four times.

Skin problems occur due to weak Mercury. There must be problem of breathe, loss of money. In this cases do not take decisions immediately. You can take advice from parents, idol or siblings.

You can also donate vegetables to a poor person. These vegetables must be kept in Copper pot for 5 to 11 Wednesday. You can also coat sandal or drop white flowers or sandal in a water and take a bath.

You have to eat bottle gourd, chapatti or rice for one week.

You can drink water which containing Amla, Grapes, Aloe era, Asafetida and Carom seeds.

Do not eat cold food. You can also massage twice on head by watermelon seeds oil.

If you cannot remind such things then it is sign of weak moon. You can wear silver ring on fingers. You can also drink water in silver glass and keep your legs in water while sitting.

You can also do breathe activity and Pranayama. You should do running, sports activities and change the environment. Keep water on the left side of the door.

Shambling is the sign of weak Saturn. This type of people cannot develop their talent easily. They always remain in two minds. You can also do “Mahamrutanajay Jaap” or “Ae Hmri Kli Chamundaye Wiche” jaap.

Do not wear red, blue, black and grey color cloths. 

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